Well here I am. An Aussie living in the United States. I’ve been here since November 2015 and still have a little bit of time left before I return to Australia. Why am I here? Well that’s not important. But, while I am here I’ve made it a mission to visit as many states as possible!

Thanks to a little push (aka – uni assignment), I’m finally starting a photo blog of my journey and the places I’ve been. Now as I mentioned I’ve been here a while and already visited quite a few states. So I need to catch you all up. Grab a cuppa & enjoy the retrospect of blog posts starting from when I first arrived.

Now I must warn you, I love to take photos! Hundreds & hundreds (sometimes thousands) at every place I visit. A select few make it to my private Facebook page, the rest have been sitting on my hard drive and I’m the only one who looks at them. A little bit because I’m lazy but mostly because there are so many of them and I haven’t decided how to share them… until now.

I’m not even close to being a professional photographer and don’t have fancy equipment, I just like to take photos of things how I see them. They are my memories. So if you enjoy my blog posts and want to see more photos, jump over to Flickr and take a look. If you are curious about the places I’ve been all the links are provided in Diigo.



24 May 2017


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