Heading south for the winter… Georgia

Savannah, Georgia. My favourite place to visit. There was not a thing I didn’t love about this place, the architecture, the trees covered in Spanish moss, the food, the people, the squares (aka parks) and its easy to walk around, you can even take your alcoholic beverages with you! We did our first hop-on-hop-off trolley tour, we really enjoyed it.

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Plus it’s home of Chipawa Square, where Forrest Gump sat waiting for the bus and told his story. So it’s no surprise I continued my pursuit of all things Gump in Savannah.

Savannah is rich in history, a lot of people have died here, and many of them not so peacefully. Apparently some of them are still hanging around. Ghost tours are plentiful and a little bit cheesy, but we still did one (sadly we didn’t see any ghosts) but it was a fun night. However, we did visit a few cemeteries including Bonaventure Cemetery and I experienced a few unexplainable events. I found this photo when we got home. Can you see the ghost?


I’m sure I already mentioned the tasty southern food. We were not disappointed, we even went to the Six Pence Pub where Julia Roberts filmed a scene from Something to Talk About. These were two of my favourite meals, my first pulled pork sandwich and those sweet potato fries were to die for! The English style cornbeef & gravy from the Six Pence Pub was amazing too, real comfort food.


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